One Simple Exercise To Gain Muscle All Over Your Body AND Lose Weight

Are you looking for the perfect exercise to work your whole body? Look no further than THIS perfect position.


No matter what your fitness goals, there’s one exercise that fitness experts agree tops them all. It works all your muscles, helps with back pain, improves your posture, AND your flexibility, all while giving you a FLAT, tight belly.

Does that sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, it’s real. A simple plank can do all of that.

You probably have already heard of planks, since they’re a vital part of any ab workout. But there are so many benefits to adding planks to your workout.

They’ll make you more flexible. Planks help open your shoulder muscles and hamstrings, as well as your arches and toes. If you want to get more flexibility out of your plank, you can do a rocing plank, where you rock your body back and forth on your toes.

They’ll give you better posture. Since you’re working your back, shoulders, chest, and neck as well as your abs, your entire upper body is basically learning how to stay straight.

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